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About COFO Civil Rights Education Center

The COFO Civil Rights Education Center is open to educate the public on Mississippi's civil rights history. The COFO building, which was considered to be the “nerve center” of the Mississippi freedom struggle, is located on the historic Lynch Street Civil Rights Corridor. The building has a rich history that speaks to the African American experience and race relations in the most segregated state in the South during the most turbulent period in American history, and we are dedicated to maintaining the historical integrity of the site and the surrounding community.

Since opening in January 2011, the COFO Center has hosted groups from Jackson to Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington, D.C., to name a few. The Center has opened its doors to the Hamer Institute and the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement on numerous occasions. On April 30, 2011, the Center was joined by the Hamer Institute and the Jackson State University chapter of the NAACP to celebrate its first COFO Freedom Day, where the community had an opportunity to view the exhibits, register to vote, and become members of the NAACP. On May 26, 2011, the Center welcomed the Freedom Riders back to Jackson during the week of the 50th Anniversary Reunion, as they and their families toured this historic site. We are pleased with the tremendous support we have received over the past few months, which has heightened our visibility, and we look forward to our continued growth and development.

Although we are committed to preserving the past, one of our missions is to challenge and cultivate, inquiring young minds and foster the development of future leaders and community builders. We have a huge task ahead of us in moving the Center forward so that it honors the past, deals with issues of the present, and offers hope for the future. As we work to further develop the COFO Civil Rights Education Center, it is our hope that our visitors are empowered through this enriching experience.

Currently on exhibit is “Celebrating the Jackson Movement,” a pictorial history of the civil rights struggle in the capital city from 1961 to 1963. Also on display is the traveling exhibit “Just Stand, Anyhow!” Courtesy of the Children’s Defense Fund and the Southern Black Women’s Initiative, this exhibit showcases the 2005 Mississippi Inductees of the Southern Rural Black Women’s Hall of Fame. Both exhibits are FREE to the public.

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